Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quick Tips to Help Learn Students' Names

At the beginning of the semester, teachers in higher education often are faced with a large room of new faces. Past research suggests that teacher verbal and nonverbal behaviors, including calling students by name, were associated with student motivation and student learning.

Below are a few useful links containing some practical tips to help learn students' names at the beginning of the semester and remember them throughout!

Not Quite 101 Ways to Learn Students' Names

Tomorrow's Professor: Learning Student Names

Protecting teacher immediacy and social presence can be especially difficult in online classes.
Past research links social presence in online classes with learning.


  1. Thanks, Dan! I use the photo roster and the name tents, but I find that I don't really start to learn the names until I start handing back papers. I never thought of distributing the name tents myself. I'm going to start doing that.

  2. Thanks for the ideas Kat,
    I have used name tents regularly, and I find that they work well. I bring blank tents to class with markers and let students make their own. They like to make their tents distinctive with decorations.