Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do you Spin Your Research Outcomes?

Do you spin your research results? Often times we see news reports on scientific research and wonder if the claims made by the reporter are overblown, overstated, or just plain wrong. The results are conflicting reports and contradictory findings. Although scientists are supposed to have a healthy appreciation of  uncertainty within study results, and reporters are known for their bravado, a recent research article in PLOS Medicine suggests that "spin" in press coverage of scientific research is matched by "spin" in the original reports written by scientists. Paul Baskin, in a recent Chronicle article, discusses the study and encourages comments by the scientific community. It seems that consumers of research still need to beware of exaggerated claims, both from the media and from scientists.

To read the original article, visit the following website.

To read the commentary or participate in the discussion, visit the following Chronicle article online.

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