Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Asset-Based Community Development Case Studies

Please see the note below from the Campus Community Partnerships for Health (CCPH) program.
CCPH is a multidisciplinary higher-ed organization focusing on partnerships that improve community health (broadly defined). For more information on their organization, visit http://www.ccph.info/.

Dear community-engaged scholarship colleagues,

Minnesota Campus Compact is compiling case studies for a book focused on campus-community partnerships that have effectively employed the principles of asset-based community development (ABCD). These projects will have in some way increased social capital, while building on the skills, strengths, and vision of local residents, associations, and institutions. For more information on ABCD, visit http://bit.ly/OIZwI9

If you have questions or ideas for potential case studies, contact John Hamerlinck at john@mncampuscompact.org

On a related note - John McKnight, ABCD pioneer, was a keynote speaker at our first national conference in 1997.  He engaged the audience in table discussions around the question: how can higher educational institutions be assets to communities?  Read what they had to say on page 7-8 of the conference proceedings: http://bit.ly/SgiB9R


Rahma Osman
CCPH Program Assistant

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