Saturday, August 13, 2011

Public Engagement and the 21st Century University Conference

Please see the announcement below regarding a Public Engagement conference in Bristol, UK.

The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement is a UK based initiative which is working towards embedding public engagement in higher education.  The Centre has announced the call for proposals for their next conference:

Engage 2011: Making an Impact
Public Engagement and the 21st Century University
29-30 November 2011, Bristol

Public engagement has been a critical part of universities since their foundation. This high energy conference will provide opportunities to learn together and ensure universities continue to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with the public, bringing significant benefits to their work, their staff and their students and to society.

Call for workshops and case studies on these themes:

-      Making an impact with your research
-      Creating an engagement culture
-      Effective partnerships
-      Engaging students

The deadline is Aug 30.

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