Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Arts & Humanities Conference

The conference below will be especially interesting to faculty in the Arts, Humanities, Political Science, Education, and those involved in community-based research.

Arts & Humanities: Toward a Flourishing State?

November 3-5, 2011
Providence, Rhode Island

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Arts & Humanities: Toward a Flourishing State? will explore current realities and possible futures of the arts and humanities. The conference will situate the arts and humanities both in relation to each other and within the broader context of other disciplines and fields, within liberal education as a whole. Addressing big questions about the future of the United States as a democracy, the conference will emphasize the vitality and importance of the arts and humanities and ask how that vitality might be sustained and how the arts and humanities might evolve in the future.
Campus educators, administrators, students, and community partners are invited to join with colleagues to consider anew the many ways in which the arts and humanities contribute to and reflect the history and culture of our nation and our connections to a vibrant global society.
At a moment fraught with division along political, cultural, and economic lines, the conference intends both to explore difficult questions and to entertain hope.
We invite you to join us in Rhode Island and to share this information with your colleagues.

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