Saturday, February 6, 2016

Call for Applications - Course Redesign Summer Institute

Call For Applications:
Course Redesign for Effective Learning (CREL)
The Office of Faculty Enhancement (OFE) invites full-time UNF faculty to participate in a summer course redesign institute. The purpose of this institute is to provide faculty with the time, resources, information, and collaborative support needed to revise and redesign a selected Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 course (or design a new course) in ways that will maximize student learning.

Deadline for Applications: Tuesday, March 15th, 2016  
Interested faculty should complete the online application at:
OFE invites all full-time UNF faculty who are interested in enhancing student learning apply for the CREL program. Such proposals could include student projects, research activities as part of a course, community-based learning, or other forms of engaged learning.
The UNF faculty selected to participate in the CREL and who produce a redesigned product will receive a $1000 stipend.
The dates for the 2016 CREL workshops are Tuesday, June 21st, Thursday, June 23rd, and Tuesday, June 28th.

The Review Process
The proposals will be reviewed by the OFE Director in consultation with the Faculty Association’s Faculty Enhancement Committee.

Applications will be reviewed according to the following criteria:
·                The proposed change represents a significant change to the structure, organization, or activities associated with the course.
·                The proposed change is reasonable given the time constraints.
·                The proposed change is likely to affect student learning positively.

Faculty members who have been awarded summer research and teaching grants are eligible to participate in CREL.  For those who have received a summer teaching grant, the CREL project proposal should involve a different course than that on which the summer teaching grant is based.  Preference will be given to first-time participants in OFE’s course redesign workshops. Applications from a variety of perspectives and methods are encouraged. Selection of proposals will ensure a broad participation across disciplines on campus.

Preparing the CREL Proposal Application

Interested faculty should complete the online application at:  

The deadline for applications is March 15th.​

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