Thursday, March 27, 2014

To Share or Not to Share: The Open Syllabus Project

In a recent Chronicle article, Mark Parry discusses the benefits and challenges associated with gathering and sharing syllabi via web based databases. In particular he looks at the Open Syllabus Project an online database similar to MIT Open CourseWare and Syllabus Finder, meant to be used “as a platform for the development of new research, teaching, and administrative tools.”  

Of course there are several arguments against sharing syllabi including legalities such as copyright and ownership but by simply acknowledging the original author some of those concerns are usurped. In a 2012 Chronicle article entitled, "Forking Your Syllabus" by Brian Croxall, the author states, "When you’re beginning to plan something new, you can always benefit from seeing what others before you have done."

Would you agree that sharing syllabi in an open database is beneficial to the collective higher ed body or are the legal ramifications of copyright infringement and plagarism to great? Share your comments below.

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