Monday, August 26, 2013

Full-time Faculty Argue with Part-Time Faculty over More Work?

Quarterstaff line drawing - Project Gutenberg eText 14315As difficult financial times put a strain on individual budgets, full-time faculty are supplementing their salary by securing "overload" work. Faculty will teach additional courses or provide some sort of service work that adds to their workload during a regular semester.

In a recent article in the Chronicle, Peter Schmidt outlines the debate over restricting full-time faculty from pursuing overload assignments in order to prevent part-time faculty from experiencing a reduction in their opportunities. In California, full-time and part-time faculty unions are battling over the issue. As tough economic realities persist, one wonders if this debate will spread to many other states as well. With shrinking budgets and greater need for supplementary income, the discussions of overloads and faculty assignments will become prevalent. To read the full article, visit the website.

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