Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Annual Teaching Evaluations at UNF

Please see the message below by United Faculty of Florida-UNF Union President, Dr. Cheryl Frohlich.
The note indicates that if your annual evaluation only addresses the student satisfaction ratings from your courses, you should look into remedying the situation. Excellence in teaching should be evaluated by using information beyond student assessments of teaching.
If you would like additional ideas on providing evidence of excellence in teaching, see the resources available on the OFE website.

Message from Cheryl J. Frohlich, Ph.D
Annual Evaluations
Please note that student evaluations cannot be used as the determining factor on any teaching portion of your annual performance evaluation.  If your teaching performance segment refers to how student’s rated you in the student evaluation of your class and that is the main determinate of your teaching evaluation, then your evaluation is grievable.  See below from our Contract.

14 The use of student evaluations in the annual evaluation process is governed by Article 18.6 (3) of the CBA. Student evaluations ―are one useful tool‖ and, except as expressly provided in the CBA, the annual evaluation ―shall not be based solely on student evaluations‖. When using the student evaluations, the evaluator shall take into account results on a range of questions appropriate to the course.  (pg. 159)

Thank You
Cheryl J. Frohlich, Ph.D.
Department of Accounting and Finance

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