Thursday, June 14, 2012

General Education Leadership Conference

The American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) has hosted conferences promoting a deeper understanding of general education and its role in higher education for many years. The upcoming 2013 conference in Boston, MA, will focus on frameworks for general education that result in student learning. Many UNF faculty have been involved in various aspects of the UNF General Education Program and Venture Studies Initiatives. 
The Call for Proposals deadline is June 27, 2012

General Education and Assessment:
A Sea Change in Student Learning

Date of Conference: February 28-March 2, 2013
Location of Conference: Boston, Massachusetts
Proposals Due June 27, 2012

The demands of the 21st century present urgent challenges, as we think through designs for and outcomes of general education. Students must be better prepared for life and work in a technologically advanced, globally interdependent, and politically fractured society. Employers are questioning college graduates’ capacities in the very knowledge and skills at the heart of general education. Daily news reveals a public uneducated about the issues central to their well-being and unable to engage in civil discourse and political will to improve the common good. The context for general education has changed enough to require us to think in new ways about all our assumptions.

Many are responding to these challenges with more integrative, developmentally nuanced general education programs that move from a checklist approach toward a more intentional and coherent scaffolding of student learning goals and outcomes.

We invite you to participate by proposing sessions that will discuss and demonstrate frameworks and strategies that address the Principles of Excellence, a set of standards and guidelines for liberal education reform developed as part of AAC&U's LEAP initiative, and put cumulative learning at the center of new designs for general education and assessment.

Visit the Call for Proposals to find out how to submit a proposal to share your work at this conference.
For more information, please call 202.387.3760, or write to Siah Annand at

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